• About Me

    Always trying new and up coming new skincare and beauty products online and enjoying discovering now brands it was it was only inevitable that I would end up here. The hidden woman behind Life of Aisha is me, Aisha Potter 33 year old, Hair stylist for 20 years and always learning new things. Living in Buckinghamshire (Did I mention I’m a mother of 3!)

    Feeling like ‘Naomi Campbell’ as I stand and pose for my Glossy box shoot in Manchester. This marks the day that I started my journey in internet world. I’m proud to have been selected to join the Glossy Circle 2019. This has been such a whirlwind but I’ve loved every minute of it!

    I love answering any of your questions and any queries, so please email me at: aisha.kay@outlook.com

    I’m a South Bucks Blogger, South Bucks YouTuber, Berkshire Blogger, Berkshire YouTuber.