• It’s completely saved my skin

    Can’t believe after using 💦@dermalogica It’s completely saved my skin. I’ve been Using this facial wash now for the last week an half and I’ve seen such difference in my skin. It’s completely reduce my dark blemishes and leaves my skin feeling super clean and instantly brightens my complexion. This is definitely staying in my daily facial routine.

    Daily superfoliant age smart comes in powder form. They recommend to pour some into wet hands and rub hands together to create a paste, then massage into your face, making sure you avoid your eyes. Then rinse you face with clean water. This instantly left me skin feel clean… and i mean really clean. Following with the multi-active toner then i use my day cream. Dermalogica helps to fight the biochemical and environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging! will be keeping this in my daily routine.


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